Cube IT Solutions provides a complete PC and laptop repair and maintenence service.

We provide support for hardware and software issues, from virus and malware removal to replacing hard drives and memory.


We cover the Ipswich, Needham Market, Creeting St. Mary, Henley, Claydon, Earl Stonham, Stowmarket, Stowupland area's and nearby villages in a 10 mile range of Stowmarket.

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About Cube PC Repairs and Services

We are small business focused on the home and small business user. We aim to solve your PC issues in a timely and professional manner. Our engineers are have 10+ years of experience of repairing and building PC's from component level.


We are dedicated to developing a long term relationship with our clients. We share your vision of future growth and ensure that the solutions we provide are not merely adequate for the short term, but remain compatible and concurrent with an ever evolving IT philosophy.

We talk in plain English and don't swamp you with technical jargon that you don't need to know. As a client we listen to you and make sure that we meet all your needs. Core Systems Solutions endeavour to deliver more than you expect and aim to exceed your expectations.

We generally cover all area's in and around Ipswich, Needham Market and Stowmarket. If you're in an IP postcode chances are we will be able to collect and deliver your computer at no extra charge.


What we do for you
Is any of the following problems happening to your PC?

    Does your PC run really slow?

    Does your PC not switch on?

    Does your PC have popup's, viruses, or spyware?

    Does your PC not connect to the Internet or Wireless?

    Is Windows XP, Windows Vista or the new Windows 7 having strange error messages?

    Does windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 crash randomly or at specific points?

We have many different jobs coming through our systems, here are a few of our most common requests:

  • Setting up, installing, repairing Wireless modems or routers.

  • Windows won't load past the windows XP or vista logo, and reboots or freezes.

  • Removing Windows Vista, and replacing it with Windows XP instead.

  • Help with Removing Platte Media

  • Backing up files like music, documents, photos and pictures.

  • Backup Outlook files, folders, archives, history, etc

  • Upgrade computers (RAM, CPU, Motherboard,graphics cards etc)

Have a question?

If you have a question about a service or general enquiry, you can submit a webnote below and we will aim to contact you within a few hours
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E -mail: michael@cuberepairs.co.uk