Cube IT Solutions provides a complete PC and laptop repair and maintenence service.

We provide support for hardware and software issues, from virus and malware removal to replacing hard drives and memory.


We cover the Ipswich, Needham Market, Creeting St. Mary, Henley, Claydon, Earl Stonham, Stowmarket, Stowupland area's and nearby villages in a 10 mile range of Stowmarket.

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Virus & Malware Removal

Do you have random websites popping up slowing down your browsing? Have you noticed a general slowdown while using your computer? It's possible you have a virus and/or malware present on your computer. Our service removes them and installs antivirus software securing your computer for future use.

Network Installation

Do you need more than one computer connected to the internet in your house? We can provide a wireless router and setup your computers for access to each other, printers and the internet.

Hardware Upgrades

Are you running out of storage space? Does your PC feel slow during use? It's possile to improve it at a much lower cost than buying a new computer. We can install new hard drives, memory and processors giving your PC a new lease of life.

Data Recovery and Backup

Have you recently deleted something you needed? Is your computer failing to start up and you need information from the hard drive? Do not fret! It is possible to get data back that has been deleted in most cases.

We also can backup your essential data for you, so you always have those important files, should your computer become inoperable or your laptop lost.

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E -mail: michael@cuberepairs.co.uk