Cube IT Solutions provides a complete PC and laptop repair and maintenence service.

We provide support for hardware and software issues, from virus and malware removal to replacing hard drives and memory.


We cover the Ipswich, Needham Market, Coddenham, Creeting St. Mary, Henley, Claydon, Earl Stonham, Stowmarket, Stowupland area's and nearby villages in a 10 mile range of Stowmarket.

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Virus Removal

We can remove viruses from your computer as well as other malware and install antivirus protection as part of the service

Network Installation

We offer a network installation service where we will setup a home or small business network for you with the required level of security for PC's and latops

Hardware Upgrade

If you require a piece or multiple pieces of hardware installed we can do this too. We can also advise you on what parts would be most compatible for your computer and how to get the best out of it.

Software Upgrade

If you require software installed, this can range from a new operating system to antivirus or firewall software, we can do this for you and provide email support should you encounter any problems with use afterwards

General Service

If you feel that your computer is running slower than it used to but don't know what's wrong this may be the all round service you require. We will check the software and hardware of your computer and advise you of solutions which can have your computer runnin like new again.

Data Services

While computers these days are becomming more reliable, they are still vulnerable to viruses which can destroy data. In some cases essential data can be recovered from unbootable PC's and laptops. If you have lost the use of your computer but require data from it, we can attempt to recover that data.

We also offer a backup service so you can have peace of mind regarding your important files

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If you have a question about a service or general enquiry, you can submit a webnote below and we will aim to contact you within a few hours
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E -mail: michael@cuberepairs.co.uk